Returning the greatest whiskies, and a healthy planet, to our customers


Whisky Giveaway was created for two reasons.

As parents in 2020, amid the devastation of Coronavirus, we were buoyed by the positive impacts on nature. With three small children; Joshua, Sophie and Isabella, we wanted to continue this recovery so we pledged to plant more than 100,000 trees. To make this dream a reality, we’re running tree planting charity competitions throughout the year and we’ll donate 10% of our profits to tree planting charities at the end of each year.

As whisky lovers, we had become concerned by the spiralling costs that made it impossible to drink the best quality whisky. Even relatively cheap bottles, like Daftmills, are snapped up in hugely oversubscribed ballots and offered for resale at 10x their retail price. We’re putting great whisky back in the hands of everyday people.

If you want to reclaim both your planet and access to the whisky you deserve, enter one of our competitions and do your part, you may win an amazing bottle  and at the least, you’ll be donating to a very worthwhile cause.



A better world with better whisky


We will plant more than 100,000 trees; We will return great whisky to everyday people.


At our core, Whisky Giveaway is about fun, caring for people and doing the right thing.

Famous whisky on a shelf