it's up to you to choose the whisky

Our community is important to us, so we want you to choose our prizes.

We made a list of some of the world’s most amazing whiskies and put them in front of 50 whisky enthusiasts. We gave them one task – put them in order from the one they’d like to try most, to the one they’d like to try least.

Below are the top 20 – the creme de la creme. With some costing over £15,000 these are bottles reserved for the seriously rich – until now. 

To help us choose which ones to run as competitions, simply use the sign-up form below and place a tick against the ones that most interest you. Once we’ve got enough interest, we’ll go and get the whisky and run the competition.

Importantly, subscribers through this list will be the only members given the notification of when the competition go live. These will definitely be oversubscribed and therefore sell out really quickly. If you don’t want to miss out, make sure you sign up today.